Martin Brunt reports on the McCanns

on Youtube as Brunt – implanting the idea that Kate was the perpetrator

the transcript:
MB Martin Brunt
JT Jeremy Thompson

MB "The important development in the past few minutes is that Gerry McCann’s sister Philomena has told us that she understands that Kate McCann will be charged later today with Madeleine’s accidental death".

JT "And that is certainly fitting in with other information you are starting to glean from your sources today".

MB "Yes we know that her lawyer who has come down from Lisbon was with her yesterday throughout that questioning, arrived with her today, he has advised her at some stage this morning that she could be charged and we can only imagine that is based on the evidence that has emerged in that questioning of Kate McCann. Now none of this is certain, but I think the crucial thing is that interview in the past minutes with Gerry McCann’s sister who talking to the family here expects Kate McCann to be charged with Madeleine’s, not with Madeleine’s murder, but with Madeleine’s accidental death".

Little Morsals: Gerry McCann and the blue tennis bag

Martin Brunt’s transcript:

“I’ve learnt some important details of the forensic test results and they rather explain perhaps why the Portuguese Police are so confident in their theory that Madeleine’s parents one or other of them, played a part in their daughter’s death. The details are these that the samples that came back last week after a British test in the UK, the samples produced 3 matches of Madeleine’s DNA. Now in the apartment, Police found 1 full match on a window seal, a full match of Madeleine’s DNA. That’s perhaps not so important because Madeleine of course had been staying there for the best part of a fortnight with her parents. Now in the hire car which was hired 5 weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, the tests have shown a partial match of Madeleine’s DNA, which might be explained by transfer onto clothes or other paraphernalia that the family were still using 5 weeks on, but this is the crucial thing, In the car the scientists have also found another, a second full match and Police say that is the most damning evidence that’s been returned by these forensic test results and It shows as far as they are concerned, the presence of Madeleine’s body in the hire car 5 weeks, at least 5 weeks after she disappeared. And as I said, this begins to explain I think why the Police are so adamant about their theory and this of course is part of the evidence that the Prosecutor here will start considering we think in the morning”.

according to Brunt then

“A second full match was found in the car”
Source: The unanswered questions
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Martin Brunt:

"When most of us initially heard what had happened we all thought "chavy family from some estate in Essex who weren't looking after their children properly" but the fact that these were two middle-aged, middle-income or, even high-income professionals, doctors, it did rather take on a different hue."